We create
prediction market

We create a place where you predict and estimate the probability of a team or player winning in a particular tournament.
Each team participating in the tournament is assigned a token, and the market evaluates their probability of winning.
Your goal is to be the owner of the winning token at the time of the settlement.


  • Before the event starts, we open a market where every participant has his own token.
  • To take part in the tournament and buy team tokens you have to buy an "event token" first.
  • Market participants decide what is the price of the token and in fact the probability of the win.
  • Your goal is to have the token of the team which will be the event winner but your indirect goal is to have a token with a favorable price/probability ratio.
  • During the tournament, tokens prices are changing, players can trade tokens based on the probability of final success.
  • When an event is over, the smart contracts deliver the prize pool to the holders of the winning tokens.

Get Token

We created a tool

Where you can take part in social politics or sport events and buy a token of the team or person you believe in.

During the tournament you trade tokens, taking all the data, like match results, news, probability, and inside information. You have the option to trade it with other users. All is based on smart contacts, transparent and fair and without blocking accounts or hidden costs.

You can finally buy, sell and validate your predictions, and take your profit if you hold the winning tokens. The smart contract will deliver to you your shares and profit.


Token Allocation


  • Using Metamask and User-Friendly Wallets.
  • Stocks are bought in a simple order book where users need to put an exact bet order which is set on the marketplace.
  • Sports Tournaments (football, tennis, motorsports).


  • Internal system of Log-In and Register in application.
  • Full token exchange as it is on a regular crypto exchange.
  • Other Sports and E-Sports Events.


  • Social Events.
  • Private tournaments with your friends.
  • Additional Gamification.
  • NFTs for community, and NFTs as Prize for winning tokens.